One of my favorite things that we did in Paris was planning our own photoshoot. Until going on this trip I have never planned my own photoshoot I just participated in other people’s ideas and concepts. It takes a lot of work to plan it out instead of just modeling in it. I wish we could have had more access to material or clothing because we only had one requirement and it was that the background had to be orange. With the clothing that I had brought from back home I felt as if nothing really would match an orange back ground so I kept it simple with a cream and black dress.
I got to model for myself along with two of my friends; Ayla and Emily. Ayla had a super awesome concept. She wanted it to be a bit wilder so she painted Native American claw marks and teased my hair to make it almost look like a lion’s mane. This shoot was so much fun! The second shoot that I did was for Emily. She had a more vintage idea in mind. I wore a light pink sweater with a shiny silver skirt. The scarf was draped across my neck. She had my bend backwards which was kind of difficult but it was totally worth it because the end product photo turned out AMAZING!
I wish that we would of gotten back more pictures of each photoshoot because from each one I participated in I feel like that photos that she showed up from the back of the camera we never got. Which I don’t understand why we did get more photos because the pictures were raw images (Not edited) so it would have been that much work to send us all of them. I believe that most of the time the designer has a completely different than the photographer and a lot of the scarf makers/hat makers (designers) did not get their vision completed.


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