Le Marais

Le Marais was very similar to the other department stores around Paris, such as the Galeries Lafayette. There isn’t any individual stores, but more like little kiosks or little areas that merchandise a specific brand. I also noticed that there was a lot of similar stores as well. They had the usual high end jewelry clothing, but it also had little areas for items that had Galeries Lafayette’s name on them as if it’s the normal or generic brand. It really reminded me of a Boston Store or a Macy’s. Most of the merchandise that I saw in Le Marais was very similar to what you would normally see around in other stores in Paris. The merchandising techniques used were by brand first and foremost, and later by color and style.  I would definitely say that the Le Marais is targeting the normal middle class workers around the area. The area around the Le Marais is beautiful and it was really cool to get to an area outside of our usual go-to places. –Brianna



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