Le Bon Marche and Hermes

January 2 2017

Being in Paris for the last week has been an amazing experience. We have done so much so far during our time here, and I have loved exploring the city. Yesterday the group of merchandising students went to Le Bon Marche, which is a high end department store, as well as the Hermes store. It was very interesting to look at these stores from a merchandiser’s perspective and see the differences from these high end stores in Paris to the ones in the U.S. I loved the way everything was displayed and looked very clean and simple, which really made the product stand out. Le Bon Marche was a very impressive store and was layed out very well. This made everything easy to shop for the customer. I will definitely be going back to do some shopping myself!

Along with Le Bon Marche, the Hermes store was quite impressive. This store made the merchandise look as important and expensive as it is. It reminded me of a museum because each product was displayed as a work of art meant to be looked at. It has been a great experience walking through different stores in Paris!

– Issabel Schultz


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