Arrival in Paris

December 27 2016

This was our first day in Paris. When we arrived we got to see our apartments that we would be staying in for the next month and unpack. Although we were all very tired from the flight there, everyone was excited to see the school and what life would be like during our stay. After getting settled in our apartments everyone went out to dinner to try a traditional French meal. We had beef stew with potatoes and carrots which is a common dish for winter and holidays in France. For dessert we had a chocolate mousse that was made from scratch in the restaurant. This was a simple dessert but it was probably one of my favorite. One of the chefs that works in the restaurant also showed how to make it in front of us. I want to try to make it at home, but it probably won’t end up the same. Our first day was great introduction to our trip and the food was amazing.

-Issabel Schultz


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