Details in Displays

Even though shopping is one of my favorite things to do, as far as going to the boutiques and malls in Paris the displays really created an experience. Working in visual for a department store I feel like the boundaries are somewhat boxed in. Even as a consumer I have noticed that displays in windows and on selling floors at department stores don’t really give that wow factor.

My favorite display was at the Galeria LaFayette with all the moving polar bears. I loved how each window featured a brand’s key item incorporated with the polar bears. It was awesome! Rarely does one see moving displays that tell a story with so much detail. I was truly amazed.

Another one of my favorite places was the Bon Marche. Most of the displays were very classy, clean, and straight to the point. It gave the “less is more” appeal. I loved seeing all the higher-end names like Chanel, Miu Miu, and Balenciaga to name a few, actually in a bricks-and-mortar instead of online or featured in a store. I am more of a person that is a visual learner that likes to be out in the field, versus being in a classroom all the time. I really appreciated our class time out at the stores.

-Bristall J.


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