Shopping in London

Throughout our Paris trip, it is safe to say that we spent a lot of our free time shopping. We did shopping in Paris, Antwerp, and London and I think I can easily say that the shopping in London was my favorite. When we went to London for one of our free weekends, we had the privilege of attending Harrods, a unimaginably large, beautiful department store. Looking at it from the outside I had no idea how big it would be once we entered. I can confidently say that I got lost at least five times throughout the day and every time I got lost, I would end up purchasing another item. Later that day I joked around saying that I basically had to pay money to find a way out! It was the most magnificent store I had ever seen with thousands of designers and brands being showcased and a lot of amazing sales going on. It was the type of store you could just get lost in for days and never get bored or ever want to leave. It was the type of store that made me realize why I fell in love with fashion and clothing. I am 100% positive that I will return to that store, and London, again soon!


Samantha M


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