Antwerp Shopping Experience

The streets of Antwerp felt just about as cold as Wisconsin the day that we were there, but after taking on the cold and feeling like home, the shopping experience was one to forever remember.

Probably one of the best things about being in Antwerp when we were,  January 3rd, was the fact that the sales had arrived and were in full force starting that day. However, this did mean that some window displays where not up to full potential because customers where scattered all around and just wanting whatever was on sale. The windows were full of signs showing that this store had this much off, while others you saved this much. It was almost chaotic how busy some stores were, especially the fast-fashion brands. This made for a unique, but also exciting shopping excursion.

The main street with the stores was super fantastic lit up at night. The Christmas lights were still on the street lamps and across the streets and it was beautiful altogether. The whole center street felt like the only place to be in that moment or any moment because that was the main street for most all stores and everything played off of the main street after getting off of the train station. The street had chocolates and Belgium waffles and diamonds and clothing, expensive and fast fashion. The target market of the street pretty much reached all consumers. Each store had a lot of foot traffic constantly passing and the fact that later in the night the whole street was closed off to just walking.

The merchandising technique was pretty much the sales signs all around to get people into their stores on the start of sales. That definitely could be seen as a success for many of the stores. The only problem with the sales all starting all at once though, was the fact that clothes were a mess and things were all over the floors and lines were long.

Overall, I would say that Antwerp and our shopping experience was one to remember. With a whole wide range of shops all within a walking distance, appealing to pretty much all tastes of a whole wide range of consumers, this shopping experience was one that will be forever unique.




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