Luxury Brands and Inspiring Stories.

This week, we had a few classes with Oliver Roux. Roux had a wealth of knowledge on everything from the French culture and customs, to luxury brands and their history. One of the most interesting stories that Roux had about a commonly known luxury brand, Chanel, was Coco Chanel’s rags to riches and the most surprising, her original name. Coco Chanel’s original name was Gabrielle Chansel. Chanel dripped the “s” in her last name to make it easier for everyone to pronounce. Chanel’s past is also very surprising as well, as a child Gabrielle, later known as Coco, was extremely poor, regardless of the stories she may have told. Chanel made her way to the top by being strong and independent woman. She was a trailblazer in both trends and gender social norms, such as women wearing plants, and her creation of the cross body bag. Chanel’s stories of love, heart break, and being a strong and indecent woman are inspiring to me and countless other young woman.














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