Embrace Being Lost

One of my favorite sayings is “the more you are lost the more you explore” which is 100% true, especially in the city of Paris. With Paris being such a large city there are so many opportunities to hit the streets and explore and see what you never knew existed. The first week it was pretty intimidating to take the bus system and subway here because #1..where even are we and #2..we don’t speak the language.  But eventually you understand the systems more and you are able to explore and be okay with getting lost.

One of my favorite day’s here so far was getting lost with a friend and rolling with the situation. We ended up in a part of Paris where we had no clue where we were but we kept walking to see what we could find. Of course it was a night where we both were freezing and to add to that it was raining but it was a moment where we will remember and take away from this trip. We found some beautiful side streets and it was fun to walk them to see more of Paris. It was a simple moment but we both found ourselves enjoying getting lost because it gave us the opportunity to see a part of Paris that we never knew was even there.

My top advice for getting lost in Paris:

  1. GOOGLE MAPS!! This app will help tremendously because it will give you routes for the subway, bus, and walking.
  2. Learn the main tourist attractions to put the city into perspective.
  3. The street names are normally on buildings so when you are trying to find the street name don’t always look at the street sign on the corner.
  4. Embrace the side streets because you’ll find little hidden gems.
  5. After a day or night of being lost…treat yourself with a crepe because you deserve it!

-Brittney Hillmann


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