Don’t Feel Intimidated, Everyone is Friendly

I do not speak French as well as the other Parisians; But I have noticed that as long as you try, they will be friendly to you. I have never encountered a single time where one Parisian has been rude or careless towards me being a foreigner in their country, let alone an American. There is this one mini market place near my apartment. I have been there so much that the man that works there, recognizes me. Today he helped my roommates and I with French greetings. He reminded us the French words for good morning and goodnight. Even earlier today, my roommates and I went to a bistro. The waitress was very friendly and helped us out with the menu and she knew English fairly well. As long as you try to respect their culture and language, they will do the same in return. On the plus side, my roommates and I were able to successfully conquer a French laundromat! Now that’s something to be proud of 🙂 It really is possible to live in a foreign country and be able to survive! 20170106_175805[1].jpg

  • Brianna

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