Madame Picco & Madame Lenoir

Today was our first official class day with no museum visits and just straight fashion and it was amazing! We learned from Madame Lenoir and Madame Picco who talked about Madame Gres and her life and journey in the fashion industry. It was fascinating to hear Madame Picco speak to us in full French and get to see her true emotions and then have our translator, who did such a great job helping us understand the story. After Madame Picco was done telling the store of Madame Gres, a few lucky students got to try on their beautiful designs. Rachel tried on one made by Madame Picco while Sam tried on one made by Madame Lenoir.

I fell absolutely in love with this gorgeous red dress that Madame Picco designed. It was an honor just to try it on and I immediately felt beautiful and feminine in it. I always believed that a good designer should have the ability to make any woman feel that way when wearing their clothing and she did just that. I never wanted to take it off and the experience is one I will never forget.

– Samantha Mandich

The dress that I tried on was a beautiful blue with such a gorgeous top piece and a beautifully complimenting shawl to show case the design. When I was wearing it, I could feel the love and emotion and time that Madame Picco put into her piece. You could tell how proud, and rightfully so, she was that this piece is hers and that she had the privilege to work alongside Madame Gres and learn all the techniques herself. The gown fit like a charm was felt so incredible on the body. It was a once in a lifetime experience!

-Rachel Reichardt




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