Modern Inspiration at the Foundation Louis Vuitton

On December 29th we took a trip to the Foundation Louis Vuitton, which is just west of Paris. From the outside of the building, to the art that it contained, and to the beautiful view from the rooftop balcony the entire Foundation was breathtaking. The building is made up of several pieces of clear and various colored glass, which gives the building a very modern architectural appearance. When going into the Foundation we saw the Shuchkin Collection. The collection belongs to Seirgei Shuchkin, a Russian collector of french Modern art. Shuchkin’s collection consisted of paintings by Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and several other incredible french modern artists. My favorite piece was “Dancer Posing for a Photographer” by Edgar Degas. I find the contrast of tints of colors and the darker colors in this painting especially inspiring, which is one of the reasons I was so drawn to this piece. After making my way through the collection I found the most beautiful rooftop balcony, where I took pictures, admired the views, and stood in awe of the gorgeous glass from the shell of the building. Over all, the Foundation Louis Vuitton was an incredible and inspiring experience for both art, as well as architecture.


“Dancer Posing for a Photographer” by Edgar DegasF56E734A-CE70-4CE5-8670-390DB78BCD2C.jpg


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