I Louvre Paris

Brittney Hillmann and Sam Rohde

Our first excursion in Paris was visiting the Louvre and it was definitely worth the experience! We had the opportunity to have Agnés act as our private tour guide who showed us the most popular and most desired history within the museum. Though-out the visit we were surprised by how large and extravagant the museum is. The amount of history and artifacts within is breathtaking. Each room has something different to offer from Napeolean III private apartment, to the historic fortress, to the Mona Lisa. Although we had a limited time in the Louvre with Agnés as our tour guide, her knowledge allowed us to quickly but efficiently navigate the museum.

The most interesting part of the museum was taking a selfie with THE Mona Lisa. Sam and I had to make our way up to the front to get a close enough selfie. This painting was definitely as fascinating as people say and it was amazing to see it in person. Another one of our favorite moments at the Louvre was going outside at sunset and seeing the Louvre light up with the Eiffel Tower in the background. For the first full day/night in Paris, it was definitely everything we could have imaged.




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