Le Marais

Le Marais was very similar to the other department stores around Paris, such as the Galeries Lafayette. There isn’t any individual stores, but more like little kiosks or little areas that merchandise a specific brand. I also noticed that there was a lot of similar stores as well. They had the usual high end jewelry clothing, but it also had little areas for items that had Galeries Lafayette’s name on them as if it’s the normal or generic brand. It really reminded me of a Boston Store or a Macy’s. Most of the merchandise that I saw in Le Marais was very similar to what you would normally see around in other stores in Paris. The merchandising techniques used were by brand first and foremost, and later by color and style.  I would definitely say that the Le Marais is targeting the normal middle class workers around the area. The area around the Le Marais is beautiful and it was really cool to get to an area outside of our usual go-to places. –Brianna



Styling My Own Photoshoot

On January 12, we had class with Fabien Guyon who told us about our next project: styling our very own photoshoot. I have always been interested in styling photoshoots, so this was a great way to really get the feel of what it takes to plan one. For my concept, I decided to go for a 50’s look with a huge emphasis on gold highlight on the model’s face. I later called my concept “The Golden 50’s.”

The process was a lot of brainstorming, but once I knew what I wanted to do, I just needed to find a picture that had a similar look to what I was going for. Fabien Guyon really helped me into finding the right direction to my photoshoot and I was able to finish this project with a feeling of accomplishment.

The photoshoot project we had was such an amazing experience. To be able to style your very own Photoshoot is something I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. This was definitely one of my favorite opportunities we had during our time in Paris. –Brianna



One of my favorite things that we did in Paris was planning our own photoshoot. Until going on this trip I have never planned my own photoshoot I just participated in other people’s ideas and concepts. It takes a lot of work to plan it out instead of just modeling in it. I wish we could have had more access to material or clothing because we only had one requirement and it was that the background had to be orange. With the clothing that I had brought from back home I felt as if nothing really would match an orange back ground so I kept it simple with a cream and black dress.
I got to model for myself along with two of my friends; Ayla and Emily. Ayla had a super awesome concept. She wanted it to be a bit wilder so she painted Native American claw marks and teased my hair to make it almost look like a lion’s mane. This shoot was so much fun! The second shoot that I did was for Emily. She had a more vintage idea in mind. I wore a light pink sweater with a shiny silver skirt. The scarf was draped across my neck. She had my bend backwards which was kind of difficult but it was totally worth it because the end product photo turned out AMAZING!
I wish that we would of gotten back more pictures of each photoshoot because from each one I participated in I feel like that photos that she showed up from the back of the camera we never got. Which I don’t understand why we did get more photos because the pictures were raw images (Not edited) so it would have been that much work to send us all of them. I believe that most of the time the designer has a completely different than the photographer and a lot of the scarf makers/hat makers (designers) did not get their vision completed.


December 30, 2016

Today we went to Versailles and we got to see Marie Antoinette farm house, where she would go to get away from Versailles and have private time. This may not look like a lot to us, but she enjoyed spending time here because it reminded her of her childhood growing up in Austria. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see her apartment because it is being restored. During Maries time here she commissioned marvelous landscaped gardens centered around hamlet of cottages built in rustic style then in vogue compared to the rest of Versailles. It was crazy to think that only a few miles away was the castle of Versailles where everything was glitz and glamorous. While here it was more country living. It’s weird that someone of Marie Antoinette’s title would prefer the country living compared to her Versailles life.

Exploring the Famous Museums

The Louvre will always be a memory that I will cherish because that trip was fulfilling many dreams but a special museum that I would have never known about was the Louis Vuitton Foundation. The architecture was incredible and the curving lines made it look elegant and expensive and beautiful. The water flowing in front also added  great sight and the temporary colors on the glass made the whole building pop. The inside was huge and The Shchukin exhibit was incredible. I  may have never seen any of those paintings in real life if it were not for that trip. It was incredible to see Monet and Picasso and Matisse in real life after taking an art history class in high school. The whole experience of the trip was fantastic.


The Paris Experience

Something that I found to be extremely fascinating about Paris is the architecture and the beauty that surrounds you everywhere you go. The streets are tiny and the buildings are large and all unique but similar in different ways. Everywhere you look there is something to catch the eye. Each little boutique and store is built around the old architecture that is to always be preserved. The apartments are tiny for the most part and the walls are just as thin, but you almost get used to the tighter living and you then want to spend more of your time outside and enjoying the shops and restaurants around you. This type of lifestyle is something that I was not entirely used to, but it felt almost as if you were living in a prettier dorm room, where you are only given the space you need and you make do.


Le Bon Marche and Hermes

January 2 2017

Being in Paris for the last week has been an amazing experience. We have done so much so far during our time here, and I have loved exploring the city. Yesterday the group of merchandising students went to Le Bon Marche, which is a high end department store, as well as the Hermes store. It was very interesting to look at these stores from a merchandiser’s perspective and see the differences from these high end stores in Paris to the ones in the U.S. I loved the way everything was displayed and looked very clean and simple, which really made the product stand out. Le Bon Marche was a very impressive store and was layed out very well. This made everything easy to shop for the customer. I will definitely be going back to do some shopping myself!

Along with Le Bon Marche, the Hermes store was quite impressive. This store made the merchandise look as important and expensive as it is. It reminded me of a museum because each product was displayed as a work of art meant to be looked at. It has been a great experience walking through different stores in Paris!

– Issabel Schultz

Shibori Dying

January 13 2017

During one of our class times during the week we were able to learn how to do Shibori dying technique by Sharon Kilfoyle. I had never heard of this type of dying, so it was interesting to learn something new. It was a really fun experience because it was so different than anything that I have done. I would love to do this technique in the future because it makes such a beautiful pattern and each one turns out different. When she was demonstrating how to do it, it looked difficult to do, but once I started doing mine it was pretty simple. I am really happy with how mine turned out and I will definitely wear it often.

Day Trip to Versailles

December 30 2016

On the end of our first week in Paris we took a day trip to Versailles. This was probably one of my favorite trips that we did. After learning about Marie Antoinette in one of my history classes, I was always fascinated by her and how she lived. It was amazing to walk through the palace and see all the detail in everything and how extravagant it is. It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that people actually lived there. Although the gardens were not green like they would be in the summer, they still made a statement because of how they were designed and the size of them. I would love to go back someday to see Versailles in the summer.

-Issabel Schultz

Arrival in Paris

December 27 2016

This was our first day in Paris. When we arrived we got to see our apartments that we would be staying in for the next month and unpack. Although we were all very tired from the flight there, everyone was excited to see the school and what life would be like during our stay. After getting settled in our apartments everyone went out to dinner to try a traditional French meal. We had beef stew with potatoes and carrots which is a common dish for winter and holidays in France. For dessert we had a chocolate mousse that was made from scratch in the restaurant. This was a simple dessert but it was probably one of my favorite. One of the chefs that works in the restaurant also showed how to make it in front of us. I want to try to make it at home, but it probably won’t end up the same. Our first day was great introduction to our trip and the food was amazing.

-Issabel Schultz